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What my collaborators say.

Whenever I have a project that excites me, that I know has real potential, that I really want to explore, that I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO, I call Andi.


Andi is more than an excellent picture editor – he’s a collaborator, a storyteller and an innovator.  He challenges me to be my best, and he gives his best – whether it’s a year in a cutting room with hundreds of hours of rushes (Earth, One Amazing Day, theatric feature BBC EARTH FILMS), or a week on a 2 minute sizzle for the president of SONY ENTERTAINMENT.  We work a lot together at his studio and we work a lot remotely too – linked by fibre broadband, Andi in the UK, me on location or based in another city.   It works really well – I feel I get my ideas realised as best they can be, and I get ideas and approaches I would never have had without him.  And it’s fun too – film making is often difficult but it never has to be miserable – Andi’s attitude, his positivity and his work-ethic mean it never is. I’ve always believed that a film gets made at least three times – when you conceive it, when you shoot it and then when you edit it – Andi makes sure I always end-up with the Story at it’s best.

Richard Dale, Writer & Director
Earth: One Amazing Day, Manson: The Lost Tapes, Going Circular
Andi is one of the great editors in the documentary world and it’s been my privilege to work with him on a number of projects.  He brings more then just the usual top-level editing skills to the job.  He has an instinct and artistic ability that truly sets his work above the rest.  He’s also got a great sense of humour that makes him easy to work with.  I put him at the top of my list of collaborators. 
Myles Connolly p.g.a. Supervising Producer
Enchanted Kingdom, Wild Africa, Earth: One Amazing Day

Andi is a master storyteller and one of the best editors I know in his use of music.
Alex Heffes, Film Composer
Earth: One Amazing Day, Going Circular

Andi brings flair, flawless style and a strong editorial head to the cutting room, and runs the edit with a thorough and calm approach combining his broad editing and producing skills. His storytelling is second to none and the panache with which he crafts films results in a finished product that pleases all. He's a pleasure to work with, works quickly, both alone and in collaboration with producers and execs., and can be relied upon to hit deadlines and stick to schedules. His use of music greatly enhances the raw footage that he deals with and his experience of working on a vast range of genres, styles and film-length, offers a very open approach to film crafting.


Andi cut two films in the latest "Ed Stafford: Left for Dead" series - a six-parter for Discovery, produced as a co-production between Base Camp Films and betty TV - one of his films was hailed by the channel as the best in the series and TX-ing as the series opener when the show airs worldwide in 220 territories during Autumn 2017. The series is self shot by the presenter, using 8 different cameras over a 10 day unscripted adventure- it results in an "unknown storyline" which requires a thorough editorial structure to be formed in the edit - Andi formed the shows and set the series-style. 


An absolute pleasure to work with, Andi's charm and wit combine with his skills to ensure a happy cutting room, a happy production, and a great end product. 


Tim Walker, Series Editor

Ed Stafford: Left for Dead - Base Camp Films / Betty TV

I have had the pleasure of working with Andi on Tigress Blood. Not only is he a brilliant editor with an eye for detail and structure and a great sense of humour, he is also an absolute pleasure to work with and has a great way with people that makes them comfortable. I highly recommend Andi for any film project.

Akanksha Sood, Producer

Tigress Blood - Kosmik Global Media

One judge went so far as to draw parallels with the seminal Seven Up! series, noting its commitment to the “classic documentary style”, free of graphics and reality techniques.
BROADCAST Awards 2020
Leaving Care
"There's one astounding aerial sequence of a racket-tail hummingbird facing-off against a swarm of angry bees that is an absolute cinematic triumph.”
Associated Press
Earth: One Amazing Day



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