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My Story

Film Editor. Producer. Storyteller. 

From an early age, I was immersed in the world of the creative arts. Not as the privileged offspring of a renowned thespian or famous musician, but the quiet son of a theatre usherette. Back then, for my folks, money was tight so rather than pay a babysitter my mother would take me to work with her at the theatre. There, I would sit silently in the auditorium, captivated by countless hours of plays, musicals and pantomimes.


I obviously  didn’t realise it at the time, but now recognise this exposure to such a variety and volume of performance at such a tender age, cemented in me, almost unconsciously, the language of visual storytelling.


A career in the theatre would have been an obvious progression, but to the teenage me, the medium of television was more enticing. By the age of 20 I had landed my first job in TV, at the BBC, copying rushes tapes for leading programmes like The Clothes Show. Three years on, I was editing short films for a live daily show and later cutting regularly for flagship BBC shows including Top Gear. Aged just 26, I resigned my staff position to pursue my career as a freelance film editor.


Spool forward about twenty years and I am now a multi-award-winning cross genre film editor and producer. I have amassed an impressive list of broadcast credits and accolades across documentary, factual entertainment, natural history and specialist factual genres.


In recent years, I have also enjoyed cutting for the silver screen. Beginning with the theatrical natural history documentary Enchanted Kingdom 3D, the IMAX production Wild Africa 3D and Peter Webber's Earth: One Amazing Day - the movie of Planet Earth II.


Both my television and theatrical work have been recognised at film festivals across the world such as BAFTA Film & Television Awards, The Grierson Awards, New York FestivalJackson Hole, Wildscreen, Missoula and The International Film Festival of India.


One of my latest documentary projects, Leaving Care - produced by Chatterbox Productions in London for CBBC, has recently been awarded two BAFTAs and a BROADCAST award

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Recent Projects

Saudi Arabia
Wonders From The Air

Going Circular

Oti Mabuse
My South Africa



This documentary series showcases the many previously unseen wonders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Featuring stunning aerial footage of rarely glimpsed places and landscapes, the films tell the stories of the people of Saudi Arabia throughout the ages, revealing their rich cultural heritage and vision for the future.

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Feature Documentary

This revolutionary documentary about a circular economy invites the audience to rethink everything. Fascinating personal stories challenge us to reform our deepest ideas about what it really means to thrive as a species on Planet Earth by moving towards a circular future. Link to the film's official website here



Oti drives and dances her way across South Africa in this heartwarming BBC1 film. She reveals her own life story, delves into her family's past and examines the recent history of the country since the end of Apartheid.